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Terms and Conditions

 Diamond Wholesale Inc terms & conditions 

1• Please know what you are ordering as everything on this site is special order, there are no returns on any product(s) sold. All orders are processed automatically and are  based on the choices you pick when your  on line.

2• All sash, glass, screens, grilles and storm windows are made to order and no returns.

3• All non-current items are special ordered, no returns.

4• These are special order Items and Your credit card will be charged at time of ordering.

5• Customer has 24 hours to report any damage, shortage, or miss-shipped product. If your item is damaged or miss shipped, no  re order of products will occur until we receive pictures of damaged product and packaging and or all products shipped. Do not discard any items including the packaging until you receive notice form Diamond Wholesale Inc. THE ONLY WAY TO REPORT AN ISSUE OR SHORTAGE  IS TO GO TO WEB SITE AND IN LOWER LEFT CORNER GO TO "REPORT AN ISSUE". Please be smart especially if you have contractor installing your product double check your order right away. under no circumstance will Diamond Wholesale Inc nor any manufactures represented on this site be responsible for any installation or cost resulting in multiple trips from contractor due to damaged or miss shipped items. Do not install item if damaged, or wrong. No credits will be given until damage or miss shipped item returned to Diamond Wholesale Inc. Any damages miss ships or other issues to be emailed in writing with order number (order number starts with a 200) with in the 24 hr time period of Delivery to Note that pictures must be emailed for review prior to any items being returned. Under no circumstance can any hardware that has been taken out of box be returned. ANY DAMAGED ITEMS WILL BE RESENT BY THE MANUFACTURE, No Credits given

6• Allow up to 6 plus weeks for shipping of manufactured items such as sash, glass, grilles, screens, double hung jamb liners  or storm windows. Note The window manufactures close down for a week at Thanks giving, Christmas and New Years. If your Manufactured items are ordered Between October 1st and December 25th Please expect 8 weeks for shipping. Also note that there are times that plant will close for a week or two do to influx in order intake or holidays including week of July 4th . This can also cause a delay in product. Back orders can also cause delays. Other holidays causing delays Memorial day and Labor Day. If product returned for reasons of wrong shipping information given by customer such as destination, address , house number or phone number, it is the responsibility off the customer to pay any handling or reshipping charges to get item back to you.

7• Allow up to 3 weeks  for shipping of current  hardware & miscellaneous. Many items may be obsolete and discontinued so while we are glad we can supply these items sometimes it takes longer to get as they may be special order.

8• Allow up to 6 plus weeks for shipping non current hardware & miscellaneous. Please note that most non current parts take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, but sometimes we have to wait longer for hardware company to do a run of these obsolete products. we do appreciate your patience during this time periods.

9• Any RMAs, RGAs, or shipments to the wrong address are the customers responsibility. If a shipment was sent to the wrong address it is not Manufactures or /Diamond Wholesale Inc. responsibility to verify addresses, please make sure you have the correct shipping address is entered prior to processing your order. 

10• We intend to supply only what you ordered. Double check your order. You are responsible for color, quantities, sizes, styles etc...

11• This web site extends to the customer the same warranty on any items purchased the same warranty provided by the manufacturer of such products. You MUST have a copy of your order receipt to make any warranty claim. Under no circumstances is any labor, shipping, handling, or delivery included in the warranty of the product. 

12• We shall not be liable for any loss or damage occurring by reason of delay or inability to deliver caused by conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of government, fire, flood, war, riot, civil commotion, transportation or car shortages, embargoes, malicious injury, back orders, miss shipped product, inability to secure material or skilled labor, priority, holiday plant closings, allocation or other material regulations, or any other causes, similar or dissimilar.

13• Sometimes products vary or change over time as well as the manufacturing process. If an item or product changes and is still made similar and is meant to fit your product, whether it be aesthetically different, or by type of material used or by vendor choice, Meaning if you see something on web site manufacturer changes product, or distributor changes vendors you are still responsible to take delivery as well as pay for product. Note that wood is wood , meaning each piece of wood is different in regards to color , grain etc. no returns accepted due to different color or different grained woods. we sell the current offerings for your particular product that 

14• If product is ordered or shipped incorrectly by Diamond Wholesale Inc or this web site we will take back, exchange product, or refund money, which ever we choose. 

15• The majority of our parts are non-current/special order and/or have to be manufactured.
Therefore you have 24 hours to cancel your order upon placement, after which your order cannot be cancelled. All orders must be cancelled in writing via email to in the event of a canceled order with in the 24 hr period your card will be credited the invoice amount less a 10% administration fee. 

16• When shipping items with more than one lead time we reserve the right to hold all items until all items complete and than ship at that time. If a customer refuses a shipment for any reason and it is returned , the customer is responsible for all cost incurred to re ship that item (items) back to customer including but not limited to shipping cost, re crating cost, misc cost incurred.

17• Manufacturing facilities can shut down for a 5 day period at various times due to holiday plant closings ( 4th of July Thanksgiving. Christmas, New Years)  and also close due to seasonal slow downs. During this time it may take up to 8 weeks to get any manufactured items such as but not limited to sash , grilles , storm windows, glass, screens.



18. Customer has 24 hours to report any damage, shortages, or miss-shipped product. If your item is damaged, no credits will be given or products re-ordered unless we receive pictures of damaged product and packaging. Please do not discard any items including the packaging until you receive notice form Diamond Wholesale Inc...


19. Do not return any items without proper authorization – under any circumstances. Your contract is with Diamond Wholesale Inc, not the manufacturer. Even though certain products on this Web site are shipped directly from the manufacturer, Diamond Wholesale Inc is your contact, not the manufacturer. Therefore, authorization for all return must be given by Diamond Wholesale Inc. If a product is returned for any reason without proper authorization, no credit will be given. Any product returned directly to manufacture will be refused and no credit given. If you have any questions regarding returns, call Diamond Wholesale Inc at (715) 218-5715, or email us at If an item is refused for delivery for any reason and returned, the customer is responsible for any return fees and handling and any reshipping and handling fees. These fees to be paid before any item resent.


Miss marked items:

20. If product priced incorrectly on site Diamond Wholesale reserves the right to return monies or funds for that product as opposed to selling product at miss marked price.

21. Changes: changes can be made at anytime to these terms and conditions.