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Hoppe: manuel tongue gear 8778159 16mm tongue gear 5/8 face plate/ 1 3/8 back set / 1/2'' dead bolt throw/ 29.6'' bottom tongue position . Also send extension 3137707 (no screws included)

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    This is the gear for you if:  Your gear has 2 tongues on the edge of your door and you have to manually lift lever up to engage the locking tongue system! 


    IMPORTANT: In order to choose the correct gear and extension you must print out the following PDF work sheet below, compare drawing to your gear to make sure identical, print off and fill out work sheet, and Return here to make your choices. Without work sheet complete you will not be able to make proper choices. With work sheet filled out complete it will be a breeze.


    After completing worksheet , you can choose to purchase the gear only, or the gear with extensions.


    Click here for work sheet


    36'' handle height manual tongue version gear is based on your faceplate width, your backset, your deadbolt throw, your top tongue position and top extension length all of which are listed on the work sheet above. (also see picture above) If all your measurements are the same as above this it the gear you need. If not you need to keep searching to find gear with measurements that match yours. Many gear extensions fit multiple applications so your gear may require some job trimming on extensions which can be done simply with a hack saw.  Please know what you are ordering as there are no returns. All prices include handling, packaging, and shipping to lower 48 states. usually ships in 2-3 weeks.


    HELPFUL HINTS: Click the link below to print out some helpful trouble shooting and installation support such as Active gear installation, Inactive gear installation, handle installation, Roller adjustments, instructions for changing the auto release system on roller style from Fuhr brand to Hoppe Brand, adjusting hinges , trimming extensions as well as other helpful hints

    Click here for instructions


    NOTE: You have the option above to either purchase the gear with the extensions, or just the gear alone. If you have the newer style stainless steel gear your existing extensions will work with this replacement, but if your gear is a Yellow Zinc Dichromate finish (goldish color finish that was put on old style steel gear ) you need to purchase the gear and any extensions offered. Please view the illustration above to see the color difference between the two styles of gears.

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